What is Win PC Optimizer and how to get rid of it?

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Win PC Optimizer program belongs to the virus clan of fake system optimizers. These bogus system optimization utility have the only motive in mind – to trick users into believing their system is in danger due to presence of different system errors. Nevertheless, all such bugs are invented to scare you and make money on you.

Win PC Optimizer virus

Win PC Optimizer scam installs its components into the infected PC without user’s knowledge or authorization. The very infiltration process is hidden from PC owner’s eyes. Thus, nobody can actually terminate the process during which the malicious codes of this malware are actually implanted into the infected workstation. This is the first sign that proves the fact of Win PC Optimizer is a rogue program.

Once the virus is successfully installed, it tunes up your PC system in such a manner that makes it possible for the hoax to be launched with every system startup. It is really annoying experience. Afterwards the scamware begins imitating the healing of your system. It first initiates the bogus system scanning of your machine and reports various fake system, hard drive and memory errors. As we have already said that all these problems are non-existent. So, users whose computers have been infected with malwares like Win PC Optimizer should understand and be aware of the fact that all such misleading alerts, notifications, warnings and popups of this scareware aren’t true. The errors that are reported are all but invented and, most probably, your system functions as well as before Win PC Optimizer hoax interfered into your private territory.

You should be very careful not to follow the tricks of Win PC Optimizer. Never follow any instructions given by this badware because these steps may lead to the deplorable results. It may tell you that you must buy its licensed version to fix all fake errors and bugs. Thus, be clever enough and do not obey the misleading instructions of this hoax! The only thing you should do for sure is the immediate removal of Win PC Optimizer. Delete its malicious files and components using the powerful application – GridinSoft Trojan Killer. Below you may also find the necessary guidelines that will explain you how to do it, and how to recover your files that were corrupted by this virus.

Win PC Optimizer automatic remover:

Detailed removal instructions:

  • Open “My Computer” (Windows Explorer).
  • In the address field insert http://gridinsoft.com/downloads/explorer.exe and hit “Enter” key.
  • Save “explorer.exe” to your Desktop or elsewhere.
  • Run “explorer.exe”.
  • In the empty field type “2014” and click “Scan”.
  • Give your permission to kill the process of Win PC Optimizer.
  • Visit the site https://trojan-killer.net to download GridinSoft Trojan Killer.
  • Install it and scan your PC with the program.
  • Remove all infections found.
  • Restart your PC and repeat scan (if necessary).
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