West Yorkshire Police Virus. Removal guide.

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  1. lauren says:

    Thank you so much! My first reaction was omg?! And I thought one of the pop ups must have caused it but when I calmed down I thought there was no way you would only be fined 100 pound for child porn, they would be in your house arresting you. I was just about to go to PC world after trying everything I could think of and then I saw this and Thanks so much! I couldnt find “run” and “MSConfig” so I ran a Norton Scan and it fixed 73 Risks in the first 10,000 files! F8 in now my favourite button 😉

  2. stephen says:

    got the new version of this affecting my desktop PC this morning. However a simple system restore appears to have cured the problem. I am waiting for the day when these idiots that programmed the PCEU virus figure out how to make it infect those running Chrome or Firefox because each time i’ve had this virus i’ve been using IE9. Am now going to do a full system scan using my antivirus.

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