‘Warning! Critical update’ alert removal

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Warning! Critical update stands for a scary alert which can come up while you are connected to certain social networks or sites which look as legit. In some cases the offer comes to update Windows. In some other cases the offer claims the necessity to update your browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. However, if you ever encounter this alert “Warning! Critical update” or “Warning! Critical update. The following important update is available for your computer” notice while online you must shut down this window completely and leave this page. Otherwise, if you obey these scary instructions, you will eventually download a virus into your computer. So, please never click this “Update” button. Instead, if you really want to update your licensed software, go to their legitimate sites to find the details about the latest updates available.

Warning! Critical update

The very alert that says “Warning! Critical update” may actually pop up on any PC, irrespective of whether it has some antivirus or not. In order to avoid such scary warning from popping up you must always be careful not to visit illegal and absolutely malicious domains. However, keep in mind that certain virus makers may hack legitimate sites which weren’t duly protected by their proprietors. So, as a result, the following message might occur:

Warning! Critical Update!
The following important update is available for your computer. Install update

Again, considering the above-mentioned statements, please ignore this fake warning on your PC and hurry up to scan your PC with legitimate antivirus software that will help you remove any real threats available on your PC.

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