files contain video_hd.exe virus infection

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There are many online links today ending with or possibly even video_hd.exe. The odds are that the majority of them are extremely malicious. What’s really dangerous is when one clicks them and executes the file contained inside. This may immediately infect computer and lock it completely. Possibly the danger will be so tremendous that users will need to run system restore to get rid of the infection completely.

In our security lab we use test computers to trace malware behavior and to present instructions on effective malware removal. When clicking these links ending with we saw that opening this archive automatically prompts people to open another file, which is video_hd.exe, which is obviously an executable file. This is not any video file, not at all. Yet, when some people open this exe-file, this will automatically bring ransomware virus infection into computer which will be blocked immediately. The entire desktop will turn out to be completely inoperable. As a result, this is all very dangerous when someone clicks such links.

We wonder who in the world might click such links ending with or video_hd.exe? Probably these are some people who want to watch some videos. According to the information we are aware of, such malicious links are spread on sinful and extremely explicit sites that are full of filthy content. So, obviously, when one visits such sites and remains on them, it is quite logical that the machine will be infected as described above. We hope that this infection will not attack your PC and you will avoid clicking such links or opening such malicious files and archives. Instead, we recommend you to scan your PC with reliable antivirus software.

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