Variations of “Smart” viruses and rogues

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Today we will talk about malwares again. It is a sad reality of today that many computers all over the world are becoming more and more vulnerable as days go by. So many people in various countries of the world failed to escape the negative consequences of this aggressive persistency of malwares, this is why there are many queries in the IT world today, in search engines and in the minds of so many users with regards to effective elimination of such threats.

Many rogues today represent themselves as some superb solutions for your computer needs. It should be mentioned that they’re distinguished into two large categories – rogues (fake antiviruses) and fake HDDs (bogus system optimizers). Over the latest period of time hackers began to use the word “smart” when choosing the name for their malicious creatures. Here are the examples of some of the latest malwares that have the word “smart” in their full names:

  • Smart Protection 2012
  • Smart Fortress 2012
  • Smart HDD

The first two rogues are fake antiviruses. As for the third malware program, it belongs to the section of fake hard drive defragmenters. However, be very careful when dealing with them. You’ve got to be smarter than the rogue developers and their concoctions. You must be smart and very careful when dealing with them, because:

  1. “smart” rogues represent danger for your PC and your personal security;
  2. “smart” Trojans may cause infiltration of other infections into your system;
  3. “smart” malwares have the goal to convince users to buy their full (registered) versions which are useless (good for nothing).

Often users don’t realize that they’re dealing with viruses. Then think that the program they have is a good one. But think about these facts about “smart” rogues:

  1. “smart” malwares install themselves without your approval;
  2. “smart” viruses launch themselves automatically without your command;
  3. “smart” hoaxes may create a real mess on your PC and often ruin your file system (fake HDD rogues).

So, when such malwares actually attack your PC, be smart not to let them fool and trick you. Do not buy them. If you mistakenly did this please dispute the charges via your good bank immediately. Be smart to download the powerful and legitimate anti-virus solution to remove the hoax from your system.

Smart Fortress 2012 (Smart Protection 2012) fake AV removal guide:

Smart HDD (Data Recovery) fake HDD removal guide:

Virus removal solution from GridinSoft:

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