Uninstall Windows Activity Booster rogue anti-spyware

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Windows Activity Booster stands for a fake anti-spyware tool that is dangerous to keep on your PC. It has the intention to scare users tremendously into believing their system is in danger. The malware comes into infected system without user’s consent or approval. It immediately runs the fake scanning of your system and then reports the number of fake security alerts, warnings and notifications. All such information should not be trusted.

Windows Activity Booster virus doesn’t apply legal ways of entering your computer. This happens by means of fake video codec downloads that bring malware into your computer. The virus immediately amends your computer in a way that makes it easy for the malware to be launched automatically together with Windows OS. So, this hoax appears in front of your PC once you start it.

As we’ve mentioned above, this virus scans your system, but this is just the imitation of some scanning. The reports about plenty of malwares detected are all but take and unreal. The truth is that this scam simply can’t heal or fix your system. And when real security threats do attack your PC, this hoax will not be helpful to you at all. Thus, please follow the removal guide to get rid of Windows Activity Booster below.

Windows Activity Booster automatic remover:

Windows Activity Booster removal steps:

  1. Wait until Windows Activity Booster completes its bogus scan. To remove the blockage of your Desktop with this rogue click “Settings” and place a checkmark on “Allow unprotected startup“:
  2. Allow unprotected startup

  3. Shut down the window of Windows Activity Booster rogue antivirus and ignore all its pop-up windows, like this one:
  4. Unprotected startup is unsafe for your private data

  5. Click “OK“.
  6. Open cmd.exe command ad explained below – Start – All programs – Accessories – Commant Prompt:
  7. cmd.exe command in Windows X

  8. Note that you should open cmd.exe command as Administrator in Windows by right-clicking “cmd.exe” and selecting such option.
  9. Type this command in cmd.exe opened as Administrator – taskkill /IM guard* and press “Enter“:
  10. taskkill command to kill Windows Activity Booster

  11. You will get the confirmation of Windows Activity Booster process terminated successfully:
  12. Windows Activity Booster process terminated

  13. Now download Trojan Killer, install it and run scan with it. Click “Apply” at the end of scan.
    1. Similar removal video guide at YouTube:

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