Security Cleaner Pro virus (видалення інструкції)

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If your computer has been infected with the virus called Security Cleaner Pro then you need to remove such type of malware. It is not good to keep it inside of your system simply because Security Cleaner Pro is the scam and rogue application which cannot do anything good for your machine. When Security Cleaner Pro is installed and running on your workstation you would not be able to run the desired programs, to surf the Internet freely and to do many other things of your choice. You would be permanently annoyed with the permanent popups, ads and fake security warnings of Security Cleaner Pro. Нарешті, Security Cleaner Pro would do all it can in order to convince you to pay for its so-called full or registered version.

Security Cleaner Pro

After Security Cleaner Pro completes its fake scan initiated with every system reboot you would face its fake report about viruses and malwares detected by it. This report is entirely fictitious and fabricated and thus should not be trusted. Its only goal is to make you believe into it and on this basis to convince you to pay for Security Cleaner Pro scam. We hope you will be wise enough not to follow this trick. Please follow the removal instructions below.

Detailed removal instructions:

  1. Open “;Мій комп'ютер; (Windows Explorer).
  2. In the address field insert and hit “;Введіть; ключ.
  3. Save “;explorer.exe; to your Desktop or elsewhere.
  4. Run “;explorer.exe;.
  5. In the empty field type “;Security Cleaner; and click “;Scan;.
  6. Give your permission to kill the process of Security Cleaner virus process.
  7. Visit the site to download GridinSoft Trojan Killer.
  8. Install it and scan your PC with the program.
  9. Remove all infections found.
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