TrustDefender fake anti-spyware tool. How to remove Trust Defender rogue

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  1. Michael says:

    Note from the real

    TrustDefender is NOT associated with the “Rogue AV” malware/scareware/ransomware being used to infringe upon and damage the trademarks and bona fides of legitimate and major Internet Security companies, including

    The legitimate TrustDefender software is the world’s first real-time protection for all online transactions, enabling a financial institution to run a risk assessment of a customer’s computer in real-time to stop cybercrime before it happens. TrustDefender is trusted by financial institutions, online businesses and end-users, and protects customers like never before.

    Please visit for more information.

    The “Rogue AV” software behind the fake TrustDefender has been renamed in many different ways, from suspect names such as “Internet Security 360”, “McAVG”, “Trust Warrior”, “Security Shield” and many others.

    This type of rogue malicious viral software infection purporting to be TrustDefender can be identified by not using TrustDefender’s branding, colours or logo, while also pretending to scan your computer to inform you of many supposed infections that can only be “removed” once the fake Rogue AV software is purchased – at which point you’ve been subject to a rip-off.

    The attack vector and modus operandi is generally as described in the above listing for the “Rogue TrustDefender” product, and is used by malware writers and online criminals to rip-off consumers in an attempt to fool them into voluntarily handing over payment.

    TrustDefender CEO, Ted Egan said: “It has come to our attention that an online criminal imposter has posted a ‘rogue anti-virus software’ utilising the trademarked international brand name of ‘TrustDefender’, to deceive unwitting consumers and business owners into downloading their fake software.

    “We would like to make clear this does not relate or have anything to do with TrustDefender or its parent company ‘Symbiotic Technologies Pty Ltd’; the developer of real-time online transaction security’ solutions.

    “These ‘imposters’ entice consumers to download the rogue software and then pay to remove their fake Anti-virus software in yet another attempt to commit fraudulent activity. TrustDefender urges consumers and online business owners to be wary of this type of imposter activity and before downloading any software to check the authenticity of the website and the organisation where the software is being downloaded from,” concluded Mr Egan.

    For more information and to access the legitimate TrustDefender software, please visit

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