Top Most Common Passwords 2021

So you think it’s time to change your password when you recently noticed that it may be your neighbor who is connecting to your wifi. Then it’s quite the time to take a look at the top most common passwords of 2021 in order not to fail with your password again.

The most common passwords around the world in 2021

The research was conducted by the initiative of Nordpass with the help of independent cybersecurity researchers who evaluated a 4TB database. The research covered 50 countries around the world. The list consists of a total 200 most common passwords with regard to certain countries but you can view the 200 most common passwords in general around the globe. We will list here only the top ten most common in the world. So see if you`ll find your own passwords here.

  • 1.123456
  • 2.123456789
  • 3.12345
  • 4.qwerty
  • 5.password
  • 6.12345678
  • 7.111111
  • 8.123123
  • 9.1234567890
  • 10.1234567
  • As an extra, researchers provided fun facts on most common passwords people use around the world. And they are very amusing, we assure you. Like the first one says that an astonishing number of people like to use their own name as a password. I guess you can nonetheless use your own name in case it`s some very rare one, something Cynebaldish sort of. Didn’t mean to offend anyone here. The next one is for the fans of 1D. Do people still hope the boys will come back from the hiatus? I mean some of them turned out to be quite the family guys. So, famous boy-band One Direction is again on the charts for most common passwords.

    Top Most Common Passwords 2021
    Worldwide famous boy band announced of their hiatus in August 2015

    Professional football team Liverpool don’t go behind boy-band as many people somehow also use this football team name. When you are a true fan then you are a true fan. Dolphins and cars, particularly porsche and ferrari secure people`s accounts as of this year. And obviously the hit parade could not be complete without the swear words passwords. Researches showed that male use more of these types of passwords while females tend to do less so.

    Password hygiene basics

    At the very last attentive researchers added several tips for the so-called Password hygiene basics. Here they are and learn them by hard:

  • Use complex passwords. The complex one means a password that consists of at least 12 characters and have both upper and lowercase letters, various numbers and symbols. For at least you can use a password generator that will create secure passwords for you.
  • Never reuse passwords. It should be an obvious thing to have one password for the one account. Don’t make it easier for bad actors.
  • Regularly update passwords. If you don’t exactly remember when was the last time you changed your google account password, for example, then it seems this very time to do so. Generally cyber security specialists recommend changing your passwords every 90 days to thoroughly secure your account.
  • You surely didn’t miss when we wrote on Ido Hoorvitch a Tel-Aviv-based security researcher. With his experiment he managed to crack nearly 3,559 passwords out of the 5,000. Hoorvitch shared an interesting fact that mostly benefited to the success of the experiment: the fact that most people in Tel-Aviv tend to use their own phone numbers as passwords for wifi. And here our own advise would be not to use your own phone number.

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