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Loading... is a redirect virus which attacks computers and changes the DNS setting and homepage to gain the control over the web browsing activities. This virus aims to trick gullible computer users into downloading potentially unwanted programs and serious computer threats. Plus, it delivers uncontrollable pop-up ads, millions of them and forges users to click on these commercials. The virus developers earn money using pay per click. They also get paid for redirects of the users to the sites with poor reputation.

The symptoms of virus’ presence

It installs, except above-mentioned problems it

  • hijacks all web browsers available on the PC
  • adds malicious sites to your bookmark automatically
  • decelerates the performance of your PC
  • offers fake updates (Java plugin, flash player, video player or web browser)
  • monitors all on-line sessions and steals the private details like including credit card accounts, passwords, IP address, email contact, phone number, precious pictures, important documents etc
  • is very stubborn infection, so it difficult to remove it

Two main ways to remove malware

Thus, you must try everything to delete virus from your workstation. Do not wait for a minute, take sturdy actions to do it. This task is of crucial importance, because, if not removed in time, may cause many other troubles. You may get rid of this virus either automatically or manually. Automatic removal is the most reliable and easy method. It does not requires any special efforts on your part. Just find the anti-virus program you trust, download,install it and perform the full system scan. We recommend you using GridinSoft Trojan Killer for this purpose. It is a modern anti-virus solution with the actual virus data base. The other option which is available for you is manual removal. This method is all effective, but it requires more time and extra technical skills. The instructions how to do it you will find below.

How to avoid infection

If you rack your brains over the question how infection has entered your computer, we will tell you. Probably you have downloaded some games or video players, PDF creators and other popular tools on your computer which contained its malcode. Today always all freeware have some extras embedded but developers do not disclose this fact. Now there is nothing to do except find the solution how to remove this badware. In order to avoid such problems in future, it is advised to always read the End User License Agreements (EULA) or Terms and Agreements before installing software on your computer. Do not accelerate the installation process hitting the button “next”. Always read what you agree to accept. Choose Advanced or Custom installation options. If any questions appear, feel free to contact our security experts.

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