Threats that you should avoid

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Nowadays there are a lot of malwares, spywares, scams and other malicious programs in the internet. And each user knows that. But not each of you pay much attention to what programs you install, download or just what links you enter. And that is when suffer your computers, systems and your wallets. Why wallets? Because you have to pay for commercial versions of each high-quality anti-virus.

Our company guarantees you, as you may know, only high-quality products and information you can trust without any doubt. So, lately our analysts have been finding out the sites where there is a threat of picking up some viruses. malware-defender[dot]com is one of such links we suggest you not to take a risk and not enter it. There is a supposition that this is the fake “anti-virus site”.

malware-defender scam

So we warn our clients to be careful with the web and with this link especially. We recommend you our reliable product GridinSoft Trojan Killer. You can scan your system just to be sure you have not pickep up some scam or virus.

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