Webcam hacked by virus. How to fix this problem

Webcam hacked by virus

Webcams today are often hacked (hijacked) by malware developers, in particular, by those who develop and distribute a special type of malware known as ransomware. This is the program that locks (blocks) the entire desktop of the infected computer, without giving a chance for users to do anything with their PCs. In the majority of the cases this locked status is accompanied with a scary warning allegedly originating from the police (law enforcement body) of some particular country. It should be mentioned that ransomwares are being spread today in various corners of the globe, this is why they now can infect PCs located in many if not all countries of the world. So, obviously, we can trace the “international” character for distribution of this malware. Among the most targeted countries we may name the US, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Other countries, however, are not the exception.

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