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DDoS attacks that slow Tor network performance are quite cheap

Tor DDoS Attacks are Cheap

Experts from Georgetown University and the US Navy Research Laboratory presented an interesting report at the USENIX conference on the degradation of Tor network performance. DDoS attacks on Tor can be quite cheap. Researchers claim that Tor can be significantly damaged by simple DDoS attacks on TorFlow, Tor bridges, and specific nodes. Worse, such attacks can cost thousands or tens …

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Austrian scientists created method of tracing browsers with the use of JavaScript


Group of researchers from Graz Technical University (Austria) developed an automated system for creating browser profiles using two new attacks on third-party channels, which provide information about used software and hardware and more effectively track browser on the Internet. Specialists under the title presented the results of the study “JavaScript Template Attacks: Automatically Inferring Host Information for Targeted Exploits”. According …

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