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Network selling scam instead of financial services shut down

Network selling fake financial services shut down

Over €15 million have been stolen from German investors by scammers. Company based in Ukraine which set up two call centers in Bulgaria suspected of conducting financial scam. Network participants who operated between May 2019 and September 2021 are now under investigation. Fake financial services advertised via social media and online The suspects advertised their fake services via social media …

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REvil scams it`s own members

For the past few months cybercriminal world was full of rumours that REvil`s leadership, one of the most notorious ransomware groups, scam its own members. The information that was only known for the restricted number of people is now available to the public after several cybersecurity reports have been published. REvil`s secret backdoor Cybersecurity expert Yelisey Boguslavski, head of research …

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Top most affected countries by cryptocurrency frauds

Top most affected countries by cryptoscammers

Since they were introduced in 2008 cryptocurrency has become a worldwide phenomenon. Cryptocurrency or crypto is a collection of binary data that work as a tool of exchange and along with this an individual coin ownership records are kept in a ledger that keeps accounts of all transactions done. Their existence was often put under skepticism and caution but nowadays …

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