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REvil scams it`s own members

For the past few months cybercriminal world was full of rumours that REvil`s leadership, one of the most notorious ransomware groups, scam its own members. The information that was only known for the restricted number of people is now available to the public after several cybersecurity reports have been published. REvil`s secret backdoor Cybersecurity expert Yelisey Boguslavski, head of research …

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REvil ransomware comeback after several months of “sleeping”

REvil ransomware comeback after several months of "sleeping"

It’s no wonder that in recent years the ransomware industry saw a significant rise. People became reckless at cybersecurity, ignoring its basic principles. Crooks took this fate’s gift and used it to fill their wallets. And among the most notable players in this criminal game, the Russian-based hacker group REvil got the most attention at this moment. Who got this …

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