Beware of updated version of Personal Shield Pro virus

Personal Shield Pro malware has, without any sort of hesitation, been one of the most severe and persistent malwares of the past summer. Being initially named as Personal Shield Pro Version 1.0, it did not last too long until another version 2.20 of it appeared in the Web. This one (having the totally different interface like that of Essential Cleaner and MS Removal Tool) made the real mess inside of so many computers worldwide, including the countries like the US, Great Britain, France, Germany, Poland, former Soviet Union and many other places of the world. It seems like this virus is now attacking eastern countries more than the western ones, but this does not mean that it slows down its malware aggression. Some users are in search for free activation code of Personal Shield Pro. They think that by finding and indicating it in the respective field they would be able to get rid of this virus completely and uninstall it. But this is the serious mistake on their part. The fact is that in order to delete Personal Shield Pro scam one needs to run the powerful anti-virus or scanner which would have the most updated database able to identify the threat, its infected files and registry entries. So, simply indicating the activation code of Personal Shield Pro is not enough because the contaminated virus files of this malware remain even afterwards. By the way, we have recently been able to discover that nowadays Personal Shield Pro fake anti-virus tool’s installation file comes bundled with some other essential viruses and real threats for your computer. So, in other words, this malware does not get inside of your system by itself. It invites its other “malware friends” to come and join the party of ruining one’s system.

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Beware of fastbillingonline – site promoting Personal Shield Pro virus

Personal Shield Pro virus purchase page

Personal Shield Pro implies the virus application which has been quite severe this past summer so far. Nowadays it is being spread via the site called secure.fastbillingonline(dot)com (you’d better stay away from it). This type of virus hasn’t yet given up, so this programs still remains active and persistent in attacking thousands of computers all over the world. It strikes its malware roots in the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Poland and many other countries, not just in the western part of the globe but also at the east. Thus, its successful removal is still quite a popular search result in the search queries by various users. However, not all sites over the Internet provide really useful advises when it comes to elimination of Personal Shield Pro scam. Thus, you need to be very selective while choosing the removal guide. It is sometimes not enough just to download some anti-virus program, cause you need to do some extra preparatory steps.

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