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APT group MuddyWater expanded its arsenal and uses new attack vectors


The Iranian APT group MuddyWater began using new attack vectors on telecommunications and governmental organizations. According to the information security company Clearsky Security, MuddyWater has replenished its tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) with new Microsoft Word documents that download malicious files through compromised servers, as well as documents that exploit CVE-2017-0199. “The TTP includes decoy documents exploiting CVE-2017-0199 as the …

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Researchers told about new instruments of MuddyWater cybercriminal group


Specializing on espionage Muddywater group, also known as SeedWorm and TEMP.Zagros, included in its set of techniques, tactics and procedures new methods that allow having remote access to infected systems and remain unnoticed at the same time. First time group became famous in 2017, when it attacked Middle Eastern organizations, however, later it included governmental and military companies in Central …

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Microsoft report: in March hackers actively used WinRAR vulnerabilities

WinRar hacked

Microsoft published details of Windows-managed attacks on computers in media companies that took place in March. In the attacks, criminals utilized famous WinRAR vulnerability that gained popularity within criminal groups in the latest months. Hackers armed themselves with it immediately after publication by Check Point company, on February 20. That time researchers demonstrated how through this vulnerability code with the …

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