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NextCry ransomware attacks NextCloud cloud storage

NextCry attacks NextCloud storage

NextCloud users faced a serious problem. New NextCry ransomware attacks NextCloud cloud storage and destroys saved backups. According to security experts, the malware penetrates systems through a recently discovered vulnerability in the PHP-FPM engine. About the threat reported visitors of the BleepingComputer forum who were looking for a way to regain access of their data. As the user under the …

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Users are afraid to talk about the “STOP” — one of the most active ransomwares of this year

STOP the most active ransomware

The Bleeping Computer publication drew attention to the STOP ransomware, which according to the ID Ransomware service, created by the famous information security expert Michael Gillespie, is one of the most active threats this year, along with Ryuk, GandCrab and Sodinkibi. The prevalence of STOP is also confirmed by the extremely active forum Bleeping Computer, where victims seek help. However, …

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RIG exploit recruitment operators began to distribute the ERIS coder over the network

Security experts have long spoken about reducing the activity of exploit kits, many of them still remain “in service”, continue to improve and change the payload. One of these long-known players’ researchers is the RIG exploit kit. Recently, experts noticed that RIG began to distribute Eris encrypter, first seen in May 2019. Researcher Michael Gillespie was first to discovere an …

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