Restore hidden files with GridinSoft free utilities

Nowadays there are many rogue system optimization utilities (fake HDD tools) that not only infect PCs but also cause various problem, quite serious ones, in fact. For example, they set up the hidden attribute to the majority of files and folders, including your pictures, icons, desktop shortcuts, etc. Thus, they hide your important data that you often cherish (like your pictures, for example). In addition, they not only hide them but also relocate to other locations (ones you don’t see as well). Instead of your common desktop background you have a problem of just blank (black) screen, sometimes also referred to as empty desktop. Many people whose computers were attacked by this scam know how scary it might be when you don’t realize that the program that caused such problems is fake. Regretfully, some have even decided to make the payment for its license, but this is the waste of money and surely not some good investment at all.

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