How to retrieve hidden and missing files after virus attack

Today many users all over the world have a serious problem of their files missing because of virus on their PC. There have been many of such malicious programs in the past. All of them belong to the fake HDD rogue group. We can name the following applications that cause such problems: File Recovery, Smart HDD, Data Recovery and many, many others. These rogue applications act like this: first, they come to your computer without your consent or approval. Additionally, they tune up your computer in a manner that allows the rogue to be launched automatically together with every system startup. And then a really horrible thing occurs. All files users have on their desktop suddenly disappear. Sometimes users thing that they are permanently gone (deleted). But this is not so, of course. The data was hidden by the malicious application. It was, in fact, relocated to other folders specifically created by the fake HDD program.

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