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Graboid mining worm spreads through Docker containers

Graboid Spreads Through Docker Containers

Palo Alto Networks experts have discovered the strange crypto-jacking worm Graboid, which spreads through the containers of the Docker Engine (Community Edition). Through a Shodan search engine, researchers at Palo Alto Networks discovered over 2,000 unsafe Docker Engine (Community Edition) installations available to everyone on the Internet. Graboid parasitizes on them. “Unit 42 researchers identified a new cryptojacking worm we’ve …

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Cybercriminals infect Docker hosts with an open API, and then look for similar ones using Shodan service

Attackers scan the Internet for Docker installations with open APIs and use them to distribute malicious Docker images infected by mining Monero cryptocurrency and scripts that use Shodan for search of new victims. A new campaign was noticed by Trend Micro researchers after a malicious image with a crypto miner was loaded onto one of their trap installations. “By analyzing …

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Docker’s vulnerability allows reading and writing any file on the host

Docker Down

In Docker discovered vulnerability of parallelism uncertainty, or so called “race condition”. With its help attacker can write and read any file on a host. Issue involves all Docker versions. Vulnerability is similar to CVE-2018-15664 and allows attacker rewrite resource pathways after permission and before start of program’s work on this resource (TOCTOU error). Issue affects FollowSymlinkScope function, vulnerable to …

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Hackers got access to 190 thousands of Docker Hub accounts

docker hub under attack

Unknown intruders received access to data of world’s biggest library of images for containers that caused leaking of more than 190 thousands users’ credentials. Docker Hub developers detected that third persons got unauthorized access to one of project databases that stored non-financial users’ details. “On Thursday, April 25th, 2019, we discovered unauthorized access to a single Hub database storing a …

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