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Qualcomm chip vulnerabilities endanger millions of Android devices

Vulnerabilities in Qualcomm endanger Android devices

Check Point experts found that vulnerabilities in the Qualcomm Secure Execution Environment endanger millions of Android devices. Vulnerabilities allow attackers to steal critical data stored in protected parts of the device. Qualcomm Secure Execution Environment (QSEE) is an implementation of the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) based on ARM TrustZone technology. In fact, it is a hardware-isolated area of the processor …

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ZoneAlarm forums hacked due to vBulletin vulnerability

ZoneAlarm hacked with vBulletin vulnerability

The forums at ZoneAlarm, which is owned by Check Point and whose products are used by over 100 million people, have been hacked because of a vulnerability in vBulletin. As a result, users’ data fell into the hands of attackers. Fortunately, despite the considerable user base of ZoneAlarm, the leak affected the forum hosted on forums.zonealarm.com (currently unavailable because the …

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Echobot botnet launched large-scale attacks on iOT devices

Echobot botnet attacks iOT devices

Check Point experts prepared a Global Threat Index report on the most active threats in August 2019. Analysts note the activity of the Echobot botnet – it launched large-scale attacks on iOT devices, as well as the “return to life” of the Emotet botnet. In a report, a research team warns of a new variation of the Mirai botnet – …

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Experts infected Canon DSLR with ransomware via Wi-Fi

Vulnerabilities in Canon cameras

Check Point analysts found six vulnerabilities in the implementation of the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) used in Canon cameras. The exploitation of these problems ultimately enables intercepting control over the device and allows the attacker to install any malware on the DSLR (including “over the air” path if the camera supports wireless connections). “Our research shows how an attacker in …

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Vulnerabilities in MMC allow taking control over the system

The Microsoft Management Console (MMC), used by system administrators to configure and track system performance, contains a number of vulnerabilities, using which attackers can implement malware or intercept control on the attacked machine. The vulnerability group, which includes XSS and XXE bugs, received a common identifier CVE-2019-0948. Attackers can exploit problems using the snap-in mechanism in the MMC. Snap-ins are …

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Russian-speaking cybercriminals committed a series of fishing attacks on embassies of European counties.

Russian hackers

Cybercriminals attacked embassies of European countries in Italia, Liberia, Kenia and other countries after sending its employees fishing letters. As report Check Point researchers, malware letters contained Microsoft Excel documents with headings «Military Financing Program» and “top secret” mark. After activation of malware’s macros from the document were extracted two files. In particular, on the attacked system was downloaded malware …

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Microsoft report: in March hackers actively used WinRAR vulnerabilities

WinRar hacked

Microsoft published details of Windows-managed attacks on computers in media companies that took place in March. In the attacks, criminals utilized famous WinRAR vulnerability that gained popularity within criminal groups in the latest months. Hackers armed themselves with it immediately after publication by Check Point company, on February 20. That time researchers demonstrated how through this vulnerability code with the …

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