Antiviral Factory 2013 removal guide

Antiviral Factory 2013

Antiviral Factory 2013 is a new rogue to avoid by all means. It can be rightfully classified as rogue security software, in spite of its professionally-designed interface you see at the screenshot. The worst thing about the rogue we’re talking about is that it does block your attempts to remove it. Well, it understands that you don’t want to keep it and gives various warnings to reconsider you decision, so it acts really aggressively compared to other fake anti-spyware programs that do not let users run Task Manager, browser or executables. This is not the case with Antiviral Factory 2013 fake anti-virus. Hence, the duly updated anti-malware database of any particular legitimate software is the most essential part of successful removal of this hoax.
The updated status depends on the very company that developed the software and on user personally.

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