System Lock 2011 rogue. How to uninstall System Lock 2011 fake anti-spyware

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We, the team of GridinSoft software developers, would like to emphasize your attention on appearance of System Lock 2011 – relatively new badware that will indeed be getting on your nerves. You will not find peace after it penetrates to your system and until you remove this senseless tool. Of course, it will do its best to convince you to buy its full version, claiming to be able to remove the supposedly revealed system failures and other problems.

System Lock 2011 gets inside of your system in a hidden manner by means of several system gaps and vulnerabilities. Its interference also happens when you download certain file that is linked to certain trojan virus. In any case, , the results of System Lock 2011 destroying plan will by all means make you worried indeed. It will fully take over your system without letting you launch some important exe-files and preventing you from surfing the web in some cases. System Lock 2011 will show plenty of false warnings about your OS being compromised due to various spyware, keyloggers, adware and other malware. This is all carried out via popup alerts and false security scanners that will be running as soon as you launch Windows. These fake positive reports will try to persuade you to purchase the full version of System Lock 2011, trying to convince you that it will really assist you in removing various threats that are supposedly detected in your PC. Thus, the only purpose of System Lock 2011 is to trick you and obtain money from you by suggesting you to buy its full version. To make the long story short, we seriously warn you to get rid of System Lock 2011 immediately by careful reading and following the guidelines and procedures herewith stipulated. They include the instructions both for automatic and manual removal of this badware.

System Lock 2011 automatical remover:

System Lock 2011 manual removal guide:

Delete System Lock 2011 files:
%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\System Lock 2011\
%UserProfile%\Desktop\System Lock 2011.lnk
Delete System Lock 2011 registry entries:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “System Lock 2011″

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  1. Web Lock taki program mialem(ochrona rodzicielska)na 2 tyg. po jego usunieciu przez revo-uinstal zabiera jakies pliki ze systemu i juz nic nie chce dzialac, no chyba ze go przywróce to działa ale i tak wszystko blokuje nawet allegro.HELP.jest jakis sposób na to

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