Spyware Protection virus. How to get rid of Spyware Protection scam

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It is our duty to let you know of Spyware Protection virus. This is the next fake anti-spyware application that has recently been elaborated. Remember that this rogue tends to identify some fake infections and makes preventions for launching the legitimate programs. It is also known for showing alert messages in order to frighten users and make them finally buy this totally useless tool, which is rogue in its essence.

Spyware Protection virus
Spyware Protection virus

To paraphrase the above-mentioned, Spyware Protection is a destructive program that seeks victims to persuade them to waste their money. Bear in mind that this tool does not pay any attention or respect towards user’s authentication requirements since it is able to penetrate inside without the user’s approval or even knowledge. Having broken the security barriers of your PC, Spyware Protection virus will bring in some additional files and will be configured in such a way that it will run its executable upon every computer startup.

Then the junkware will commence actively annoying you with its false claims on the supposedly poor security status of your system. It will show lots of alerts and will run scanners that never tell you any truth of the real condition of your computer. Spyware Protection rogue claims to identify threats, system errors and registry problems and then requires from you to obtain its full, registered version. Please do not have any doubts as for untruthfulness of Spyware Protection’s promises to eradicate errors with your system.

It goes without saying that it is totally useless in this objective. Spyware Protection is just trying to make you get its licensed version – nothing else in response. If is really different from legitimate security tools that may also promote their paid full versions, because this program has one feature, that is it does not have the capability to actually accomplish what it claims. Speaking differently about it, Spyware Protection does not and cannot possibly fix the problems identified. Hence, do not hesitate at all and delete this junk from your computer immediately, without loitering.

Spyware Protection automatic remover:

Download the latest version of GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

Warning!!! Spyware Protection tends to block the main executable file of Internet Explorer (iexplore.exe) from launching.

Spyware Protection manual removal guide:

Delete Spyware Protection files
%StartMenu%\spyware protection.lnk
Delete Spyware Protection registry entries:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Spyware Protection”

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5 thoughts on “Spyware Protection virus. How to get rid of Spyware Protection scam

  1. Right… somehow none of the articles I have found acknowledge the Catch-22 here…

    Oh? You can’t run anything on your computer because the virus won’t let you? Here! Run this to get rid of the virus.


  2. This just happened with my wife’s computer. I was able to bypass the auto-start by logging in as a different user with administrative privileges (this is something everyone should have available in case things like this happen).

  3. I don’t know how long this virus has been around, but I just got this virus recently too. I went to microsoft answers site to find out how to remove it. The site said you might not be able to download it because the virus might stop you from downloading anything. Start your computer up in safe mode and that should work. Hope this helps.

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