Smart HDD scam. The key to successful removal (video guide)

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  1. Art says:

    I assume the download is to an external drive and then to the infected machine. I can’t access a browser or anything on the infected laptop.

  2. Nir says:

    Start the machine with Safe Mode With Networking by tapping F8 on startup. Then you will be able to access the internet (browser).

  3. Jeffers says:

    This just happened to me, but I can’t even get my computer to come back on after I shut it down. Did this virus crash my computer?

  4. Jitu says:

    Thanks, It’s good solution.

  5. jameslove says:


  6. Erin says:

    I barely use my computer and usually use the same actions daily via for work, checking email, same websites. How did I even get this trojan? Should I be worried about the other computers in my house?

  7. Marco says:

    Ma come si può fare per ripristinare i file eliminati da :C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ ?????
    sono rimaste solo le cartelle, senza i collegamenti ad i file !!!

  8. Csaba says:

    Thanks for the perfect intructions and wonderful video tutorial, but:
    1)The program is not free,
    2)In my case did not recover the Programs menu.

  9. dina says:

    Great tool! Thank you so much for bringing me back my data!

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