Smart HDD – fake hard drive defragmenter. How to remove

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We have been able to discover another malware program which should be avoided by all means. It bears the name of Smart HDD. Whenever you see this application in front of your screen you should realize that it brings nothing good to your system. The fruits it bears are the evil ones. The results of its malicious activities are, beyond any doubt, devastating. The plots of it are fraudulent and its developers are the pack of crooks and criminals aiming to become richer by unfair means. So, the main reason why we wrote this post is to warn you of this rogue, lest you purchase it mistakenly. Then, the second goal of this article is to tell you about how this malady behaves and, of course, how to successfully eliminate this type of junk program from your computer. We, of course, really regret if you have become one of its victims. But we also realize that if our users are left without our support we do not fulfill our mission – to help them get rid of viruses. So, please carefully read the rest of this post, and it will guide you through the entire process of removing Smart HDD virus.

Smart HDD virus
Smart HDD virus

We do not know why exactly these rogue developers chose such a name for their program. Probably they thought that by adding some excellent name to their rogue tool they would get some credits in the mind of their potential victims. The reality is that Smart HDD, in spite of its good name, is the master of considerable amendments, modifications and perversions on the attacked computers. Once this virus some way or another gets inside of your system you would recognize it immediately. First of all, it would make such modifications of your registry that it would be launched automatically with every Windows startup. Upon every system launching it initiates the fake system scan with further fake hard drive and memory errors supposedly identified by it on your system.

In the majority of the cases all the fake error messages of Smart HDD are the same for all computers infected with it. So, obviously, there is something really wrong with the program and not with the computers. It can’t be that all the computers all over the world would have the same problems. So, there is something really untrue and unfair with all the facts stated by such tool. What you should do immediately is to wipe off this program from your workstation at once. Do not ever trust it or purchase it (because this is the only goal of Smart HDD scam). Below please find the information aimed to instruct you how to remove Smart HDD virus successfully. In the case of any problems please contact us though the official web-site of GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

Smart HDD automatic remover:

How to restore your missing data with GridinSoft Trojan Killer:

  1. Click “Tools” menu and select “Restore hidden files” option. Alternatively, you may simply use the hotkey “Ctrl + 4” while GridinSoft Trojan Killer is running.
  2. GridinSoft Tools to restore hidden files
    GridinSoft Tools to restore hidden files
  3. Click “Yes” in the window that appeared.
  4. Please now restart your PC to apply all changes made.

Smart HDD removal video guide:

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16 thoughts on “Smart HDD – fake hard drive defragmenter. How to remove

  1. Hi, I have run trojan killer 3 times, but the files are still hidden? And the virus is still there. Please help. Im pulling my hair out.

    le operazioni che ho descritto le ho fatte con il pc avviato in modalità provvisoria…
    accendere il pc e premere F8 più volte questa manovra vi consente di aprire una mascera nera nella quale ci sono varie opzioni;
    voi scegliete avvia in modalità provvisoria;
    poi proseguite come sopra ho già detto.

  3. Il PC di un mio amico ieri è stato infettato da questa bestia, gli ho risolto il problema così:
    intanto ho ripristinato il sistema ad un punto di ripristino precedente;
    da opzioni visualizzazione cartella ho fleggato mostra file e cartelle nascoste;
    ho cercato dove erano i dati da salvare;
    file per file da proprietà ho tolto la spunta a file nascosto;
    salvo i dati su hard disk esterno;
    poi ho formattato il pc ed….ADDIO BESTIA!!!!!!
    le operazioni che ho descritto le ho fatte con il pc avviato in modalità provvisoria…
    accendere il pc e premere F8 più volte questa manovra vi consente di aprire una mascera nera nella quale ci sono varie opzioni;
    voi scegliete avvia in modalità provvisoria;
    poi proseguite come sopra ho già detto

  4. Geh mal auf die Ordneroptionen und lass dir alle Versteckten Datein wieder anzeigen. Danach suchst du ihn Manuel unter C: / ProgrammData
    Das sind 3 Files (.exe) mit komischen namen. Lösch die gleich alle.

  5. The program resides under c”\Documents and Settings\userName\Application Data and has a weird name. I found it under several users app data folders. Delete it by opening up a command prompt and then go to the dir. You can list the files by using dir /A which will display all hidden files.
    If you are unable to delete the files you can also kill the application by running tasklist from the command prompt. Find the process id and use tskill pid# to kill it. That will allow you to start opening up your files again.

    To restore our hidden files you will need to open up windows explorer and to go tools / folder options / view and select show hidden files. Then you can right click on the folders under C: go to properties and under general un-check hidden
    Once that is done run programm.

    Good luck

  6. my computer was infected with this virus, and it seemed to wipe everything, even internet explorer, so I can’t even d/l your trojan killer. Now what?

  7. Obrigado! Com sua ajuda consegui fazer a limpeza de meu not. Funcionou direitinho suas oriantações. Valeu mesmo.

  8. Anche io, ieri sera, ho penato per ben tre ore e credo di aver risolto in questo modo:
    Avviato il pc in modalità provvisoria (tasto F8) e ripristinato il sistema a un punto di ripristino precedente; ho defleggato tutte le cartelle che il “mostro” aveva abilmente nascosto.
    A quuesto punto mi sorge un dubbio….il “mostro” è ancora lì?

  9. This got me today and I being a novice.. bought the $83.50 fix.. which I am not cancelling though my bank. But trying to get rid of it.. another thing. I googled the SmartHDD and found first post of how to get rid of it… emailed to my husband so he could print and fix for me. Obviously a post by the same people.. wouldn’t let you print etc. So, who can you trust? Other sites saying had ‘uninstall info”.. wanted me to pay another fee to get rid of the first one… so can you really help me? Thanks

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