Smart Fortress 2012 virus and its removal.

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  1. Remove Smart Fortress 2012 says:

    Smart Fortress 2012 should be classified as a fake security program.

  2. Remove The ACCDFISA Protection Program says:

    The ACCDFISA Protection Program is a ransomware computer infection that pretends to encrypt your files using AES encryption and then locks you out of the Windows desktop.

  3. ella says:

    hi, my laptop was infected with this smart fortress 2012 on the 15/3/2012.. i put it in my recycle bin and uninstall it.. after that my laptop was running as per normal. is it really gone from my laptop? it is really irritating as it blocked me from accessing the internet even block me from accesssing my own antivirus software.. grr…

  4. sLIVER says:

    Any easy way to decrypt the files that have had their extension appended with .EnCyPhErEd?

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