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If you read this article probably you injected by ShareByLink. It is annoying pop-ups that show up when you using Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explore browser. For some users, it might seem a useful program, but it\”;s wrong. This pop ups caused by adware can bring a lot of harm to your PC. So what ShareByLink is and how to get rid of this?


običajno, this adware appears on your PC after downloading some free software from the Internet. Random and annoying pop-ups interrupt users every time they open the browser. We strongly recommend you not to click on that advertisement, because you can download more malicious programs on your computer. Še več, ShareByLink redirects you to sites that can track your Internet activity and give this information to the third faces.

Kot lahko vidite, ShareByLink is a dangerous adware that you need to get rid of as soon as possible. Ne pozabite, that if your browser injected by this pop-ups it means that your anti-malware is not doing its job properly and you need to reconsider your choice in a software. To clean your PC and for further protection use the strong program and you will never have such problems again.

Automatic removal tool for ShareByLink adware:

Step by step instructions how to remove ShareByLink adware.

  1. Najprej, morate prenesti in namestiti GridinSoft Anti-Malware.
  2. Then you should choose “;Quick scan”; or “;Full scan”;.
  3. scan3

  4. Teči za skeniranje vašega računalniškega sistema z njim.
  5. 5

  6. Po končanem skeniranju, you need to click on “;Uporabi; button to remove ShareByLink adware:
  7. 6

    Video pojasnjuje, kako ponastaviti brskalnik s GridinSoft Anti-Malware:

    How to prevent your PC from being reinfected with ShareByLink adware in the future.

    GridinSoft Anti-Malware ponuja odlično rešitev, ki lahko pomagajo, da se prepreči vaš sistem s so kontaminirani z zlonamerno programsko opremo pred časom. This feature is referred to as “;On-Run Protection”;. Privzeto, je onemogočena, ko namestite programsko opremo. Da bi omogočili, please click on “;Zaščititi; button and press “;Začetek; kot je prikazano spodaj:

    Uporabno in zanimivo funkcijo lahko ljudem omogočajo, da se prepreči namestitev zlonamerne programske opreme. To pomeni, ko bo poskušal namestiti nekaj sumljivo datoteko, Na vodeno varstvo hoteti tnalo to namestitev poskus pred časom. OPOMBA! Če uporabniki želijo, da bi nevaren program mora biti nameščen, lahko izberejo "Ignoriraj to datoteko" gumb. V primeru, Če želite prekiniti zlonamerni program, morate izbrati "Potrdi".


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