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This article explains the danger associated with the site The reason why it is dangerous is because it promotes the rogue security program called Stažist v bolnišnici varnost (aka. Stažist v bolnišnici varnost 2013, Internet Security Pro 2013 or Internet Security 2014). Use these instructions below to remove Internet Security virus off your computer.

If you consider that Internet Security program depicted at the screenshot is a good program then surely you need to fix your way of thinking. A thorough analysis of this application sheds the light on it, and this is when the true motives of this scareware are really exposed. You will discover that this program is a hoax, the rogue that hides its real intentions and masks them with the garments of allegedly powerful anti-spyware utility. Vendar, there are plenty of free anti-virus applications nowadays, and they’re quite effective in combating malwares. This can’t be the true statement about Internet Security virus. The application asks for money to remove threats that aren’t even real. The only real trouble with your PC is the very presence of this rogue anti-malware tool on your system.

Fake scan of this badware is not anything new, because such behavior of it was typical for all other rogues of such type (previous samples). Dejansko, it is quite annoying to encounter this scam in front of your system each time you turn your computer on. toda, this is just the beginning of implementation of its covetous plans. Kot smo rekli zgoraj, the tool asks you to effect the payment for its licensed version, and this is quite a large amount of money, notwithstanding the fact that the program is totally useless when it comes to threat prevention and elimination.

tako, do you still believe Internet Security program is worth keeping? Upajmo, da, by this time you understand and see the true face of this junkware. Buying it is a serious mistake on your part. tako, instead of doing as instructed by this hoax, delete it as soon as you can by following the guidelines below.

GridinSoft LLC in GridinSoft Trojan morilec NI povezan, povezanih ali consorted z razvijalci Internet Security Pro lopov protivirusne programske opreme.

  • Kliknite meni »Start« in pojdite na "Zagnati" možnost. Tipa-v to besedilo natančno tako, kot je navedeno tukaj:

    taskkill.exe /F /IM indefender.exe

    This will kill the process of Internet Security Pro 2013 virus. (Če vam ne bi mogel storiti od prvega poskusa poskusite znova)

  • Druga možnost, you may use this guide that will help you terminate the process of Internet Security Pro 2013 ;
  • Prenesete najnovejšo različico GridinSoft Trojan morilec v okuženi računalnik, napeljati ter prost dostop to.

Internet Security Pro 2013 ročna odstranitev vodnik:

Delete Internet Security Pro 2013 datoteke:
%desktop%\internet security Pro 2013.lnk
Delete Internet Security Pro 2013 registracija drobovje:
HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunInternet varnost Pro 2013

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