Shopping Buddy uninstall tool

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Shopping Buddy is a fresh adware sample which claims to reduce your costs if shopping on-line by providing you attractive offers while you browse your favorite stores. It shows various coupons, deals, search links, in-text links, commercial videos, product comparisons, reviews, coupons and other similar stuff. These activities often mislead users and they consider that Shopping Buddy is a useful utility. They willingly click on the ads delivered by Shopping Buddy and do not even suspect how dangerous it is.

Actually, Shopping Buddy does not take care about shopping experience of the users. It has a little bit other motives. It aims to create revenue for its developers. It uses absolutely unfair ways to reach its malicious purposes. Shopping Buddy redirects people to the sites with the dubious reputation which are full of various computer infections. More over if they buy something, advertised at such sites, they indicate their private details, like passwords and credit card numbers and the hackers may record such information and rob them off. If you do not want to be targeted by the cyber criminal, keep away from clicking the commercial offers generated by Shopping Buddy adware and remove without wasting a minute. The uninstall tutorial below will show you all secrets how to completely get rid of such obtrusive browser-add-on.

To stop Shopping Buddy ads and remove the undesired program which generates them it is recommended to use the legitimate antivirus or antispyware program. In such a case it is best that you ensure the antispyware application of your choice. We recommend you using GridinSoft Trojan Killer for this purpose. Our security experts have prepared the set of instructions which help you to erase this adware once and for all. Carefully follow all of them to have your PC clean from any unwanted stuff. If any questions appear during the removal process, you can always get the assistance from our security experts.

To avoid the installation of any potentially unwanted programs the users should download any programs from the official sites only. Currently many free programs are bundled with absolutely unwanted applications. The software developers employ download clients to monetize their free services, thus, reckless free software downloading can result in adware infections. So, it is advised to learn the Terms and Agreements of any new applications if you intend to install and opt custom or advanced installation options, instead of standard ones. Get in touch with us if any questions appear. Good luck!

Removal tool for Shopping Buddy virus

Shopping Buddy ads removal instructions

  • Download GridinSoft Trojan Killer and scan your computer with it.
  • Click on “Apply” to remove all infections found after the scan is completed.
  • Shut down all your available browsers.
  • In GridinSoft Trojan Killer click on “Tools” and then on “Reset browser settings“:


    • Follow the instructions, select browsers you need to be reset, and click on “Reset” button:


  • Finally, restart your computer to apply all made changes.

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