SerfSearch extension removal

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SerfSearch is a malicious application which is brought to the category of the browser hijackers. The reason why it is referred as a browser hijacker is because of the changes it makes to the home page of your browser. At once upon the penetration of this badware you will see that the home page has changed to You will also encounter this virus when you open each new Search tab of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

SerfSearch browser hijacker

If installed, this unwanted tool alters browsers and DNS settings to change your homepage. It starts displaying tons of pop-up ads whenever you open your browser. It causes redirects and attracts traffic to some insecure sites. It is not as dangerous as Trojan, rootkits, it cannot destroy your PC system, but it is able to cause a lot of inconveniences for you. It causes slowdowns, browser hijacking, and in general just interfering with you browsing experience.

Hence, many users today would like to remove SerfSearch from their computers. Our guide offers the automatic and manual removal options. If you decide to remove it automatically, without any efforts, you need to download GridinSoft Trojan Killer, update it to the latest version and launch scanning. If you are an experienced PC user, you may try to remove manually.

Now we want you to look through the information which may be useful for you in the future. It is not a secret for anybody that we cannot imagine even a day without Internet. Currently it has become the main resource of doing work. It is used by the people now for their official use and also for the personal use to manage their personal details, accounts and all that. In the same way it has also become the source of on-line crime.

Probably you wonder how this attacker could enter your workstation. We ‘ ve noticed that SerfSearch browser hijacker is offered to be installed by default when users install some other free programs. This is the most widespread way of how this hijacker may implant a computer. So, if you often install some free applications to your system, please make sure that you carefully read what other applications you‘ re proposed to make a part of your PC. You obviously you need to select the Advanced or Custom installation mode. This is where you may reject all dubious software from being installed on your system by default.

Removal tool for SerfSearch

SerfSearch removal instructions

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