Security Shield fake anti-spyware program. How to get rid of Security Shield rogue

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Needless to mention is the fact that you should be aware of Security Shield virus and the consequences of is malicious activity on one’s PC. Bear in mind that this is simply a typical rogue anti-spyware application which, by the way, takes it origin from the same malicious clan as Security Tool. It comes to PCs through other malware and bogus online anti-malware scanners. Afterwards Security Shield will be adjusted in such a way that it will be started automatically with every Windows launching.

Security Shield
Security Shield

As soon as it is up and running you will encounter certain computer scanning process that will later on persuasively mention that that there are plenty of viruses present on your PC. At the same time, the reality is that if you make an attempt to to delete any of these fake infections the program will, without any doubt, tell you to first obtain its full (registered, licensed) version. The truth, however, is that all of the files it indicates as infections are actually legitimate files of Windows OS. Hence, you would rather stay away from removing manually any of the files it claims to be infections. If you do so your machine may no longer operate properly.

In order to indemnify itself from users’ attempts to uninstall Security Shield, it is quite instrumental in terminating almost all processes that you want to run. This is all made for the only goal, that is to prevent you from launching any reliable security applications that can delete Security Shield.

While operating Security Shield will also present all sorts of security alerts, trying to convince you that your PC is under considerable virus attack. At the same time, you should totally ignore all such warnings, no matter how persuasive they might sound. Remember that they are just another plot of the plan that is being applied to make you think your computer is infected with viruses.

To briefly summarize the aforesaid, you should by all means erase Security Shield from your workstation. You may choose one of the following options, that is either to choose automatic removal by referring to the aid of decent anti-malware program, or you may try manual removal by paying serious and utmost attention to the guidelines provided herein.

Security Shield automatic remover:

Security Shield manual removal guide:

Delete Security Shield files:
%CommonAppData%\[random numbers].exe
Delete Security Shield registry entries:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce “[random numbers]”

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