Security Scanner virus. How to remove

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Security Scanner is a new malware that comes to infected computers like a thief at night – unexpectedly and without consideration of user’s approval for such interference. This behavior is quite predictable and understandable, since Security Scanner is the rogue security application. The term ‘rogue’ implies certain type of software that claims to be some great anti-virus application, whereas inside this hoax is full of evil intentions. The program tells about its abilities to clean your system from viruses, threats and other vulnerabilities, however, these are just its self-appraisals not supported by real actions. This program is totally senseless, helpless and powerless when it comes to detecting and deleting real security threats. No doubt, it must be removed from your system at once.

Security Scanner
Security Scanner

When Security Scanner is successfully brought into your computer by means of Trojan horses it immediately makes sure that it is launched automatically each time you turn your computer on. This is done by adding certain registry entry that makes this feature possible. So, once you switch your PC on the GUI of Security Scanner would come up very soon. The virus initiates the bogus scan of your computer and then reports plenty of infections supposedly detected by it during its fake scan. Such information must not be trusted by you. This malware knows nothing about detecting real malwares and infections. Neither is it able to delete serious threats. However, it would keep reminding you to purchase its licensed version in order to remove those fake viruses allegedly identified by the hoax during its fabricated scan. Be wise and do not follow the tricks of the crooks that prepared this brainwashing scheme for unwary users to rip them off.

Effective removal of Security Scanner virus is available with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer. Please make sure to install the software, update and run it. Once the infected files and registry entries of Security Scanner malware have been found please click “Remove Selected” button. If you have any problems deleting this rogue please let us know at once.

Security Scanner 2012 automatic remover:

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5 thoughts on “Security Scanner virus. How to remove

  1. J ai le même problème et effectivement le logiciel malveillant maintien son blocage impossible d ouvrir et d installer.
    Au secours a l aide…………………!

  2. NANCY: I had the same problem. I have a pc and restarted it. Right when it starts back up push f11. Then go to “more options” and pick the option that lets you do a system restore from an earlier date. I picked a date two days prior to getting this virus and that way I didn’t lose everything that I had on my computer, just the stupid security scanner asshole virus.
    Hope this helps.

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