Security Master AV rogue. Methods for successful removal.

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Security Master AV is a virus that attacks computers all over the world at present time. A lot of people have already faced this virus back in 2010. But lately, this virus has renewed with a new power. And, of course, its influence has become more powerful and the methods of work more tricky. Users can get this virus through the internet and there is a possibility that their antivirus programs will not even determine it as a threat. That is one of the virus’ tricks. It penetrates into your system as a good program with good intentions. But do not let the virus fool you. After it scans your system the rogue provides you with the list of threats, which supposedly, it has found. All of them are fake. The virus creates its own fake threats for you to believe that your system is really infected and you need to look for the program that will help you to handle them. And that is when Security Master AV suggests itself as the program you need for the removal. It promises you it will remove all of them; all you have to do is to buy its commercial version. Lately, it has been the trick of many viruses. It just wants you to give your money for nothing. Do not purchase the product under any circumstances!

There can be a lot of other different stuff inside your system while you have Security Master AV virus inside of it. It can hide your files, documents and folders so you would think they are gone forever. But do not panic at once. Everything can be restored. But at first, you need to eliminate the virus from the system as soon as you notice it in your machine. We suggest you to use our anti-spyware program GridinSoft Trojan Killer for the successful removal. You can upload the program here below. Do not hesitate to remove the virus. You just will not be able to use your machine as earlier until the virus is removed. It will not let you do that.

We also recommend you to scan your system from time to time in future just to be sure your system is safe and clear of viruses. If you have some problems with the removal we can always help you with them. Just contact our support team.

Security Master AV automatic remover:

Security Master AV manual removal guide:

Delete Security Master AV files:
%AppData%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Security Master AV.lnk
%StartMenu%\Security Master AV.lnk
%StartMenu%\Programs\Security Master AV.lnk
%Desktop%\Security Master AV.lnk
Delete Security Master AV registry entries:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run “Security Master AV”

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