Security Defender scam. How to remove Security Defender bogus anti-virus tool

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Security Defender is the next rouge anti-spyware program which was developed for the only purpose – that is to fool you and steal your hard earned money. Please be on guard and do not believe any promises Security Defender gives you.

Security Defender virus
Security Defender virus

Bear in mind that Security Defender is generally installed to your system via application of web sites that show advertisements claiming to be some online anti-malware scanner. Once this advertisement is over it will claim that your PC is infected and then prompt you to download and then subsequently install Security Defender inside of your workstation. We urge you once again that Security Defender is not the tool that you should trust, cause it is always installed via trojans and other available system vulnerabilities, and would be configured in such a way that it will be automatically started with every Windows startup. Once Security Defender is launched it will present various types of error notifications when you are going to launch some programs of your choice or deleting unnecessary files from the system. In order to make your system look as if it is not working as well as it should, Security Defender can also make certain folders on your PC reveal no contents at all. Moreover, Security Defender will prevent some specific applications from common running.

Hence, if your computer has been infected with this badware please delete this junk immediately. You should not purchase this rogue, because its elaborators only aim to fool you and steal your funds, without offering you any reliable service at all. Hence, please follow the advises given below for deletion of Security Defender malware from your system.

Security Defender automatic remover:

1. Download the following application from this link and run it:
2. Download the latest version of GridinSoft Trojan Killer to clear (not infected) computer and install it.

3. Update the virus database.
4. Copy the entire folder “GridinSoft Trojan Killer” to your jump drive (memory stick). Normally it is located at the following path: (C:\Program Files\GridinSoft Trojan Killer). “C” stands for the system disk of your computer. The name of the system disk, however, can be marked with another letter.
5. Open your jump drive (memory stick). Find the folder “GridinSoft Trojan Killer” there. Open it , find the file under the name “trojankiller.exe” and rename it to “iexplore.exe”.
6. Move memory stick to infected PC, open “GridinSoft Trojan Killer” folder and run iexplore.exe. Optional: copy the folder “GridinSoft Trojan Killer” from your jump drive to some other folder created on your PC and run “iexplore.exe”.

Security Defender manual removal guide:

Delete Security Defender files:
%ProgramFiles%\Security Defender
%ProgramFiles%\Security Defender\Security Defender.dll
%AppData%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick LaunchSecurity Defender.lnk
%Desktop%\Security Defender.lnk

Delete Security Defender registry entries:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{56a10a26-dc02-40f1-a4da-8fa92d06b357}
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “56a10a26-dc02-40f3-a4da-8fa92d06b357_33″
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “56a10a26-dc02-40f3-a4da-8fa92d06b357_33″

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