Security Defender rogue. How can I remove the virus?

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Security Defender virus is not new in the computer world. The virus attacked users’ systems the most last February. And some of users might have already faced it inside their systems. In fact a lot of people suffered from the virus attack back then. We have already written you about Security Defender here. But this time the virus has renewed with new power. The developers of the virus have modified it. So, what should users know about this virus?

Users can easily get Security Defender into their systems inside the web. It can “come” to your system with some other little trojan or malware so you will not even know about its presence until it wants you to know. That is why we warn you and advise you to be very careful when you surf the web or work with some unknown programs inside it. When the virus penetrates into your system it automatically begins to scan it and shows you the results of the scanning. The results are not so pleasant for you as you want them to be. It can show you a lot of threats it supposedly has found. But do not believe anything the virus shows you or tells you. All information it provides you with is fake. That is how Security Defender works – it penetrates into your system, tries to scare with its fake malwares and the most interesting is that it convinces you to purchase its product. How can it do it? When you try to remove all those above-mentioned threats from your system it promises you that only its product can do it, but at first you should buy the commercial version of it. Do not do that under any circumstances! If you purchase the product you will receive nothing but lost time and money. And the virus will get what it wanted from you.

Moreover, when Security Defender is inside your system, you will get a lot of different notifications, system messages and other pop-ups which are really annoying. You will not have the possibility to work with your PC as earlier. The virus will just not let you. So, Security Defender needs to be eliminated as soon as you notice it inside your computer. How can you do that? We suggest you to use our anti-spyware program for the removal. Trojan Killer was developed especially for the removal of such viruses like Security Defender. You can download the program here below.

Security Defender automatic remover:

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