How do I remove Windows Proprietary Advisor malware?

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Today we issued a new post on Windows Proprietary Advisor rogue. However, time has come for us to tell you even more information about this pest and to describe all kinds of problems that one may face while deleting this malicious application. “Rogue” – this is the correct category that this pest can be referred to. This means that such program is a fake antivirus application that targets many unwary users for the purpose of making new victims out of them. We hope that you will understand and see the whole set of misleading tricks of this badware and will not let hackers fool and trick you. What we mean by this is that you should stay away from obtaining this malicious tool, no matter how convincing its attempts to persuade you to do so might be.

Rogue detailed description

Windows Proprietary Advisor gets into PCs without your invitation or even consent. You can’t see or terminate its infiltration process (even though you can remove it with the help of legitimate security software). Once the hoax is actually installed the malware starts implementing its malicious tricks on your PC. First, it modifies your system settings in a way that allows this rogue to be switched on (launched) automatically without your approval at every system startup. This results in the fact that you see Windows Proprietary Advisor malware on your computer each time you turn it on. Immediately the rogue runs many fake scans and reports thousands of infections that are fake.

Symptoms of PC infected with Windows Proprietary Advisor scam

You can expect the following negative consequences in the cases when Windows Proprietary Advisor is up and running on your PC:

  • Unauthorized startups of the rogue each time you switch the PC on
  • General system slowdown
  • Possible browser redirection issues
  • Permanent fake scans of you PC by Windows Proprietary Advisor malware
  • Probable inability to launch legitimate security software (blockage on the part of Windows Proprietary Advisor scam)
  • Probably inability to download legitimate security software (blockage on the part of Windows Proprietary Advisor fake AV)
  • Offers of the rogue for you to buy its fake license that can’t remove real threats.
  • Increase of potential risks for your PC to be even more infected (if you fail to remove the hoax on time)

As you see, there’s nothing good to expect of Windows Proprietary Advisor scareware. This is the program you must avoid by all means. So, do not buy its license (so-called ultimate protection). Its activation code, key, license, serial or whatever name this fake registered version has doesn’t make any difference. Whether you buy this hoax or do not obtain it doesn’t make any difference with your PC. In case you purchase it you simply lose your funds, and it is strongly recommended that you dispute the charges immediately via your good bank or other financial institution through which you effected the payment for the rogue.

Recommended solution for Windows Proprietary Advisor virus removal:

  • Open your browser or “My Computer” window
  • Ignore fake security notifications of Windows Proprietary Advisor rogue, its bogus warnings, popups and ads
  • In the address field insert the Web address of GridinSoft Trojan Killer –
  • Download, install, update and run Trojan Killer
  • Remove all threats Trojan Killer detected (quarantime them)
  • Reboot you PC to appy all changes made

What to do if you cannot run recommended software?

  1. Restart your computer into safe mode with networking OR
  2. Download Process Killer application to terminate the malicious process of Windows Proprietary Advisor rogue. The download link is
  3. Continue using GridinSoft Trojan Killer as described above
  4. Recommended video tutorial at our YouTube Channel on Windows Proprietary Advisor malware removal

    How to send the system image file to us for analysis.

    If you still think that you PC is seriously infected with the above-mentioned rogue please send us the system image file through GridinSoft Trojan Killer’s interface. Watch the video guide, please, to understand how to send the system image file to us.

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4 thoughts on “How do I remove Windows Proprietary Advisor malware?

  1. I am so incredibly thankful for the Trojan killer!! It totally saved my butt!! I don’t know what I would have done without it!
    Thank you so much!!
    P.S. I really hope you continue to help people like me who are dumb enough to fall for a virus like this!! You guys are life savers! Thanks again!

  2. Is er een mogelijkheid dat ik mijn geld terug verkrijgen? Ik ben zo stom geweest dat ik het geloofde en het gewoon heb gekocht! Ik weet helemaal niet wat ik moet doen…

  3. When I click remove selected , it’s asking for some ” activation code ” and my e-mail . What do I put ?? Please help !! Thanks .

  4. Dear Ashley,
    GridinSoft Trojan Killer can remove 3 insecure items free of charge. If there are more viruses you are asked to enter the GridinSoft Trojan Killer license. For more information contact us via customer ticket system.
    Best regards,
    Trojan Killer customer support team.

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