Remove Windows Premium Shield virus

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Windows Premium Shield is a virus that dresses itself into the garments of some anti-malware utility. The interface of this program is surely well-designed but, as we all know, outward impressions are often deceptive. This old saying just well fits when we consider this program with its screenshot given below. The truth is that Windows Premium Shield is a typical fake anti-spyware tool developed by hackers who want to use it as a way of collecting money from deceived users. Consider the malware removal guide below if you’ve encountered your PC being attacked by the above-mentioned hoax.

Windows Premium Shield

Windows Premium Shield infiltrates itself into the infected computer without user’s consent, permission or approval. This is, of course, quite typical to many other similar rogues. The program gets started together with each system launching. Such unauthorized startup is surely annoying, plus the very presence of this malware slows down your computer considerably.

Windows Premium Shield with each startup runs the fake scan of your system in order to report many bogus threats supposedly revealed by it. These problems aren’t real. They’re simply invented for the sole purpose of scaring users about the fate of their PCs. The malware has in mind to bring users to the point where they will be asked by the hoax to buy the fake and helpless so-called licensed version of this rogue, but it will never help users to defend their computers from virus aggression. Hence, as we’ve mentioned already, Windows Premium Shield is a useless tool that isn’t worth buying.

Please remove Windows Premium Shield hoax from your system without hesitation. How to remove Windows Premium Shield effectively? This is quite simple, by the way. Just follow the detailed malware removal guide you see below. If you have any problems or questions doing so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at any time of your convenience.

Windows Premium Shield automatic remover:

Windows Premium Shield removal steps:

  1. Wait until Windows Premium Shield completes its bogus scan. To remove the blockage of your Desktop with this rogue click “Settings” and place a checkmark on “Allow unprotected startup“:
  2. Allow unprotected startup

  3. Shut down the window of Windows Premium Shield rogue antivirus and ignore all its pop-up windows, like this one:
  4. Unprotected startup is unsafe for your private data

  5. Click “OK“.
  6. Open cmd.exe command ad explained below – Start – All programs – Accessories – Commant Prompt:
  7. cmd.exe command in Windows X

  8. Note that you should open cmd.exe command as Administrator in Windows by right-clicking “cmd.exe” and selecting such option.
  9. Type this command in cmd.exe opened as Administrator – taskkill /F /IM guard* and press “Enter“:
  10. taskkill command to kill Windows Premium Shield

  11. You will get the confirmation of Windows Premium Shield process terminated successfully:
  12. Windows Premium Shield process terminated

  13. Now download Trojan Killer, install it and run scan with it. Click “Apply” at the end of scan.
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