How to remove Windows Error Recovery virus from infected computer

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Dear Internet users, we operate the information that new cyber threat is circulating in the web. The name of it is Windows Error Recovery (also known as WindowsErrorRecovery). For most people it seems that this is a decent program, but it is only first impression. This rogue is one of the representatives of numerous families of rogue anti-spyware programs. This badware is installed on your computer via Trojans that pretend to be updates to various devices installed on your workstation. This parasite is also downloaded without your knowledge by exploiting vulnerabilities in programs installed on your computer when visiting normally safe sites that have been hacked with rootkit technologies.

Upon successful penetration, the infection is configured to start automatically when you login to Windows. Windows Error Recovery initiates a series of fake system checkups that finally state numerous threats to be detected. Without a doubt, Windows Error Recovery was designed to scare you into thinking that your computer has a security problem so that you will then purchase the commercial version of it. The issues detected by Windows Error Recovery are nothing more like outrageous lie, do not take them seriously. Under no circumstances you should purchase Windows Error Recovery, and if you have already effected the payment, you should contact your credit card company and dispute the charge stating that the program is a computer virus. Clean your infected workstation ASAP, after detection this stinky parasite. If you give preferences to Gridinsoft Trojan Killer, we will help you to remove it quickly and sufficiently. We have prepared automatic and manual removal recommendations. Choose the method, most suitable for you.

Windows Error Recovery automatic removal:

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