Remove WinDealist ads and See Similar button

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WinDealist adware is closely related to See Similar button. They both appear in a browser which got infected with adware. This problem occurs primarily with browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Other browsers may be affected as well. In this guide you will find out how to get rid of WinDealist ads and SeeSimilar button from popping up in your affected browser.

WinDealist adware

WinDealist is the adware that gets installed with many other freeware programs. For example, you could be online and download some free audio or video player, converter, PDF creator, etc. This could be an absolutely cost-free utility, yet it might be bundled with many extra applications, including WinDealist.

WinDealist adware shows itself when you visit some commercial web sites like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, etc. When you go there and find some item that is interesting to you and move your mouse towards it – this is when See Similar button appears out of the blue, with further appearanceof WinDealist window with some offers.

The presence of WinDealist on your computer isn’t a good thing. The PC functions very slowly because of it. We believe that the best solution in this case is to completely get rid of this nasty and truly annoying adware from your computer. You can do it automatically with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer as explained below.

“See Similar” button screenshot:

See Similar button

WinDealist adware automatic remover:

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