Remove ‘this is a very nice photo of you’ Skype virus

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Believe us, if you ever get a message in Skype that says ‘this is a very nice photo of you‘ then it’s not worthy of clicking the link that follows after this message. The reason for this is that the link brings a serious infection into your computer. Clicking the link and executing the file turns your Skype account into massive spam machine. Hence, be very careful not to be caught on this hook of malware developers. Use this guide to remove Skype virus from your computer.

Generally, if your computer began sending messages like ‘this is a very nice photo of you’ this means that there’s a serious infection inside of your system. This type of threat attacks your Skype account and then starts sending spam messages to all your friends, relatives and colleagues, all those in your Skype contacts. Hopefully, they will not ever click such links and will not execute the malicious files.

If people in your Skype contacts click such dangerous links that follow after ‘this is a very nice photo of you’ message then their machine begins sending spam as well. So, if you ever notice the moment when your Skype account got hacked like described above, then immediately log off your Skype account, reset your Skype password and notify all your friends about the danger of clicking such links. Finally, please scan your computer with reliable security software to remove the infection from your computer. Please download GridinSoft Trojan Killer below for complete system cleanup.

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