Remove Sinergia Cleaner virus (uninstall guide)

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Sinergia Cleaner is a new virus infection classified as a fake antispyware program. It has in mind to trick user into buying its license (registration key). For this purpose it runs a fake scanning of your computer each time you turn it on. The alerts mentioned by this program are all fake. There are no such infections as reported by Sinergia Cleaner rogue.

Sinergia Cleaner virus

The aim of Sinergia Cleaner virus is to make money for its owners and developers. It seems like this is some kind of “test” rogue, because it can be actually activated manually if you paste the word “hello” in the corresponding section of it. So, obviously, “hello” is the activation code you need to make this fake security program as registered.

Nevertheless, the very presence of Sinergia Cleaner virus on your system is very dagnerous. The malware may be related to other cyber infections, so you have no other option but to remove it at the very first detection on your system. You may get rid of this scam with the help of our recommended antivirus software GridinSoft trojan Killer. Please follow the instructions below.

Detailed removal instructions:

  1. Open “My Computer” (Windows Explorer).
  2. In the address field insert and hit “Enter” key.
  3. Save “explorer.exe” to your Desktop or elsewhere.
  4. Run “explorer.exe“.
  5. In the empty field type “Sinergia Cleaner” and click “Scan“.
  6. Give your permission to kill the process of Sinergia Cleaner virus process.
  7. Visit the site to download GridinSoft Trojan Killer.
  8. Install it and scan your PC with the program.
  9. Remove all infections found.
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