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NewTabSearch is a particularly nasty domain, indicative of the presence of a cyber threat, lurking somewhere in the shadows of your system. Yes, if the see the site show up, then you were unlucky enough to catch an infection. And, not just any infection but a browser hijacker. In case you’re unfamiliar, hijackers are intrusive, hazardous, and immensely harmful. They continuously wreak havoc from the moment they enter your PC until you remove them. Be also aware of other viruses what has already infects millions computer all over the world like Petya A or adantihs.exe. And, yes – until you forcibly get rid of them, they do NOT stop throwing issues your way. That’s why experts advise towards taking immediate action after you first detect the hijacker on your computer.


By removing it ASAP, you’ll save yourself a ton of troubles and headaches. For example, you won’t be forced to put up with endless online intrusions in the form of redirects to unreliable websites and a flood of pop-up advertisements. You won’t have to endure the slower PC performance and frequent system crashes, which they’ll inevitably cause. You’ll save yourself the malware risk and the security threat. And, doesn’t all of that sound fantastic? Don’t you wish to protect yourself from all of these issues instead of enduring them? Do yourself a favor, and as soon as NewTabSearch pops up, find where exactly the hijacker behind it is lurking. And, when you do – delete it!

For NewTabSearch to take over your screen, you first have to install the hijacker, which is using it as a shield to hide behind. Yes, you read it correctly. You have to approve the installation of the infection. Let’s elaborate. Applications, like the one you’re currently dealing with, are bound to ask for approval on their installment, and unless you grant it, they cannot enter your PC. That means, at some point, the tool inquired whether you agree to install it, and you did. It’s hardly surprising if this all seems unbelievable to you, and you have a hard time accepting that you approved the installation of a cyber threat. But you did. Hijackers resort to all kinds of trickery and deceit so as to dupe you into permitting them in without you even realizing it. They tend to sneak in undetected with the help of the old but gold methods of infiltration. That includes pretending to be a bogus update, hiding behind corrupted sites or links, or hitching a ride with spam email attachments or freeware. In case you missed it, there IS a common characteristic all of these means share. They all rely on your carelessness. So, don’t grant it! Don’t rush, don’t throw caution to the wind, and don’t give into gullibility. Instead, be extra vigilant and thorough, and remember that even a little extra attention goes a long, long way.

Think of the appearance of NewTabSearch as a big warning sign. It’s a harbinger of trouble to come. As was already explained, the site is used as a front by a nasty browser hijacker. It lurks somewhere on your computer and wreaks havoc. The page’s popping up is your first clue to its existence. Once such a tool makes its way into your computer, it starts meddling with your system setting and implements plenty of unwanted, unauthorized reshuffles. But one of the first ones is the replacement of your default search engine and homepage. One day, you’ll find them changed to NewTabSearch, and each time you try to browse the web, you’ll get redirected to it. When you surf the web, the hijacker will display various sponsored links, which are far less than trustworthy, as well as an entire myriad of pop-up ads. As you can imagine, these continuous intrusions won’t go unnoticed. They’ll end up slowing your computer’s performance to a crawl and causing your system to crash frequently. Another major issue you’ll be stuck with is the tool’s ability to install as many malicious programs as it so desires without giving you a say in the matter. Yes, if it feels like it, it can approve the installment of more unwanted malware, like Trojans and adware applications, and whatever else it can think of. But as dangerous and as risky as that may be, it will still pale in comparison to the severe security threat the hijacker places upon you. It’s designed to steal data from you, and then send it to the unknown third parties that published it. And, it’s safe to say that this is far more consequential. The tool begins to spy on you from the moment it settles on your system. It keeps track of your browsing activities, catalogs your every online move, and once it deems it has enough data – hands it off to the people behind it. Don’t allow that! Don’t give access to your personal and financial information to strangers with agendas! Protect yourself and your system from the immense threat that is the hijacker, using NewTabSearch as a front! Find and delete it as soon as you first see the page.

Automatic removal tool for NewTabSearch:

Click here to download latest version of GridinSoft Anti-Malware

Removal tool for NewTabSearch virus

Removal instruction for NewTabSearch:

  1. First of all, you need to download and install GridinSoft Anti-Malware.

  2. Run to scan your computer system with it.

  3. Shut down all your available browsers.
  4. In GridinSoft Anti-Malware click on “Tools” and then on “Reset browser settings“:

    Anti-Malware: Reset Browser Settings

  5. Follow the instructions, select browsers you need to be reset, and click on “Reset” button. Finally, restart your computer to apply all made changes:

    Anti-Malware: Tools: Reset Browser Settings

How to prevent your PC from being reinfected with NewTabSearch virus virus in the future.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware offers excellent solution which may help to prevent your system from being contaminated with malware ahead of time. This feature is referred to as “On-Run Protection”. By default, it is disabled once you install the software. To enable it, please click on “Protect” button and press “Start” as demonstrated below:

Anti-Malware: Protection

The useful and interesting function may allow people to prevent install of malicious software. It means, when you will try to install some suspicious file, On-Run Protection will block this installation attempt ahead of time. NOTE! If users want to allow the dangerous program to be installed, they may choose “Ignore always” button. In case, if you want to terminate a malicious program, you must select “Block always”.

Simple tips you must follow to decrease chances of being reinfected by NewTabSearch:

  • Advertisements. You shouldn’t click on any ads and pop-ups on websites, this can lead to the redirection on potentially viral pages!
  • Spam messages from email. Attached files in emails can appear to be malicious in most cases. Consequences for this will be infection with malware or adware program. Don’t download or open such attachments!
  • Surfing the internet. There are thousands and millions of phishing website on the internet. Each one of them can be very dangerous for your computer. Avoid such pages, try only reliable and trusted websites!
  • Using anti-virus programs. It is essential to use protection program that won’t let any viruses to get inside even if you will make any mistake.
  • Scan your computer from time to time. A lot of trojans and viruses may infect your computer without you even noticing it. That is why you should perform a scan at least once a week. In GridinSoft Anti-Malware you can do this automatically, you just need to set up a “Scheduled Scan” in “Settings” tabs.
  • Pay attention to what you install. There are tons of malicious programs that are being installed through bundled applications and downloaders. Don’t install any suspicious program and files, always check signer before proceeding further!

That is all! Leave your comments and questions below, or use our ticket system to make contact with our professional support team. We will gladly help you!

Portable anti-malware scanner

By the way, if you want to use the portable version of GridinSoft anti-malware scanner, we are happy to represent you the Trojan Killer Portable. Especially for your memory stick – be sure that your private data is safe wherever you go! Feel free to try it now:

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