Remove Internet Security Plus (btdefender.exe)

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This is the guide explaining removal of Internet Security Plus fake antivirus. To make this objective accomplished, please first terminate its malicious process called btdefender.exe, and then scan your system with GridinSoft Trojan Killer to remove all infected items associated with Internet Security Plus scam.

Internet Security Plus

We’re more than confident that Internet Security Plus is not the program to keep on your computer. This is a rogue security application that infects PCs with poor security level and then prompts users into paying for its licensed version. Here is how the malware leads you to the stage when it asks users to effect payment. First, it runs bogus system scans and later reports many infections supposedly revealed by it. It must be noted that this fake scan of the rogue lasts within just a couple of seconds. It is not wise to believe that some serious threats can be identified (detected) within such a short time interval. So, if you have Internet Security Plus and it has ran its imitated scan and presented its fabricated virus report in front of your eyes – ignore it! Both the scan and the report given to you by this program are misleading, fake and not grounded on real facts, even though indeed they are quite scary for unwary users. This is why this article has been published – lest you trust this malicious application. Some users by mistake decided to obey the scary instructions of this virus program and paid for its helpless license. This was, no doubt, the total waste of funds on their part.

Since Internet Security Plus is a rogue it gets brought to your system without your consent. No permission of yours is required for the hoax to get into your PC, the malware seems not to have any barriers, even in the form of security software already available on your computer. By the way, the very fact of Internet Security Plus infiltration into your system is primarily the fault of security software that you have on your computer. If you don’t have any anti-virus on your PC at all then the infected status of your system is explained by your carelessness and self-deception about imaginary impossibility of malwares to attack your PC. Indeed, some people believe that they can never become the victims of online threats and their developers. But the sad reality of today’s online realm is that the world wide web is full of malicious files, links, emails, etc. You cannot even trace the very installation process of Internet Security Plus. The penetration of this scareware is performed in a hidden manner, thus you can’t terminate it on a timely basis.

Removal of Internet Security Plus is quite complicated, since the program doesn’t come up with uninstaller. There is nothing to be surprised about it, however, because you’re dealing with the malware program. Removing it simply by running legitimate security software is also quite a difficult challenge, since your attempts to get rid of this pest may be blocked by virus. It can either block the download of legitimate AV software or its execution. In fact, the rogue replaces Task Manager with its own, fake one. To remove Internet Security Plus please first of all terminate its malicous process called btdefender.exe. Then download GridinSoft Trojan Killer. Update the software, run the scan with it and exterminate all threats it finds. Finally, reconsider your existing security software you have on your system, since, most probably, it is not as powerful as you thought if it permitted Internet Security Plus to attack your system and didn’t timely warn you about virus attack.

GridinSoft LLC and GridinSoft Trojan Killer are NOT connected, associated or consorted with the developers of Internet Security Plus rogue anti-virus software.

Internet Security Plus manual removal guide:

Delete Internet Security Plus files:
%desktop%\Internet Security Plus.lnk
Delete Internet Security Plus registry entries:
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Internet Security Plus

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