Remove FaceSmooch adware (uninstall instructions)

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In this guide we will explain to you how to get rid of FaceSmooch adware which promises a lot of pleasures and conveniences while on Facebook. Yet, once installed, this application causes many problems for unwary computer users. The worst thing that is done by this adware is causing a lot of issues primarily related to browser redirection. So, if you’re in search for the correct solution on how to get rid of FaceSmooch of your computer, then you’ve find the right place. Stay with us as we continue to explain to you how to get rid of FaceSmooch off your computer.


FaceSmooch, to be more precise, is a form of a browser hijacker. Most commonly it is installed onto computers through bundled software downloads – primarily freeware software, such as video recording/streaming, download-managers or PDF creators. Once installed, this adware causes serious browser redirection through or Hence, the page becomes the default start page of your browser and the default search engine.

Obviously, browser redirection is a serious problem for many users. They surely don’t like their search being permanently redirected via this domain But, obviously, this redirection problem is often the cause of user’s failure to be duly attentive while installing bundled software.

If you would like to get rid of FaceSmooch and fix the problem of browser redirection through, then the best solution that we can recommend to you is to get rid of this problem automatically by running our security software – GridinSoft Trojan Killer. Please follow our removal tips outlined below.

Example of browser redirection via

FaceSmooch automatic remover:

Similar removal video:

Adware removal milestones:

  1. Scan your PC with GridinSoft Trojan Killer to remove all forms of malware residing on your PC.
  2. In Trojan Killer’s open window click “Tools” and select “Reset browser settings“.
  3. Reset browser settings

  4. Give your permission for Trojan Killer to reset browser settings:
  5. Reset browser

  6. You will get the following confirmation message:
  7. Browser settings restored

  8. If you still have any problems with browser redirection via, please get in touch with us through support link for additional assistance.
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