Europol ransomware virus. How to unlock your system

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Users whose computers were locked by Europol ransomware should be aware of the fact that Europol organization, also known as European law enforcement agency, has nothing to do with development and distribution of this malicious application. The purpose of this fraudulent utility is to make users scared after the series of accusations being expressed by the text of the European police warning. In particular, often users are being blamed of committing various crimes online with application of their workstations, such as downloading, keeping and distributing illegal audio and video samples, as well as software. In other cases users might be accused by the ransomware program of performing a lot of explicit activities through their computers, visiting the sites of terrorist organizations for the purpose of rendering support to them, sending unsolicited spam and performing other crimes online with use of their PCs. Without hesitation, the text of this ransomware can be quite scary if you don’t realize that it is not associated with Europol (the European Police). Thus, we hurry up to publish this article to warn our users not to trust the deceitful statements they might encounter after being attacked by Europol ransomware infection.

Europol ransomware

We can positively assert that Europol virus is of international character. It may attack any country of the European Union. Here is the example of this malware after it attacked France:

European law enforcement agency
Votre ordinateur est bloqué

Votre ordinateur est bloqué a cause d’un ou plusieurs raisons indiqués ci- dessous:
La tentative du chargement et/ou de l’installation du logiciel ou des fichiers multimédia protégés par la législation internationale est faite de votre ordinateur, en conséquence de quoi votre ordinateur a été bloqué. Conformément à la législation de l’UE, au cas où ce délit est fait pour la première fois, vous devez payer l’amende administrative. Le chargement, l’installation et la distribution de tels documents est punissable et peut considérablement influencer votre réputation de l’employé, ainsi que sera reflété sur vos amis et parents. Si le paiement ne sera pas fait pendant 48 heures, vos données personnelles seront envoyées aux organismes de police. Les matériels utilisés pour la distribution du logiciel piraté, seront confisqués, vous serez arrêtés, une accusation sera portée sur vous, et, en conséquence, la privation de la liberté jusqu’au 5 années est possible Pour vous aider à faire le paiement par le moyen le plus rapide et absolument anonyme, nous vous proposons de se servir des vouchers, répandus dans tout le pays et accessible pour l’acquisition dans tous les plus grands points des ventes. Conformément à l’article 163.1 (3) de la législation de l’UE, toute personne, qui transmet, publie, répand, vend, fait de la publicité, importe, exporte ou possède en vue de la transmission, la publication, la distribution, la vente, la publicité, l’importation, l’exportation de tout logiciel illégal, est coupable de l’accomplissement de l’acte de criminel et ce qui est puni par la privation de la liberté pour un délai jusqu’au dix années. La punition minimale – la privation de la liberté pour une durée de cinq ans.

The virus instructs users to donate funds as a special fine (penalty or forfeit) in favor of the government. However, the money goes into the pockets of the crooks who elaborated this scam. Hackers instruct users to pay the ransom via Ukash or Paysafecard payment processing systems which are extremely popular in the European Union. Do not ever pay the amount of ransom in favor of the crooks. Instead of obeying these fraudulent instructions of hackers please follow the removal guide that will explain to you the basic milestones of ransomware removal and the procedure to unlock your infected workstation.

Ransomware unlocking procedure

Note! This tutorial is effective for all Ukash and Paysafecard viruses.

1. Restart your computer and press F8 while it is restarting.
2. Choose safe mode with networking.
safe mode with networking
3. Launch MSConfig.
Press Start –> Run
or press [Win]+R on keyboard
Type MSConfig
4. Disable startup items rundll32 turning on any application from Application Data.
5. Restart your system once again.
6. Scan with to identify file and delete it.

Some versions of these viruses disable all safe modes, but give a short gap that you can use to run anti-malware programs. Then do following:
1. Reboot normally.
2. Start –> Run.
3. Enter: If malware is loaded, just press alt+tab once and keep entering the string blindly then press Enter.
4. Press Alt+tab and then R (letter) couple of times. The process of ransomware virus should be killed.

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