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DownloadMuze is an extension that helps users find the best deals when they shop. However, its data collection habits are rather worrying. It’s a fully legitimate extension that probably does what it promises to do, however, it might be worth looking into this add-on further. Seeing as it’s not a bogus extension, you probably obtained it via some official browser store or its web page.


While not necessarily in this case, there are some similar add-ons that can also spread using free software bundles. That means that they are attached to free software as extra offers and you need to manually prevent their installation. This extension is not harmful and you are free to use it to your heart’s content but do bear in mind that it’s collecting and storing data about you. It’s up to you whether to uninstall DownloadMuze or not.

If you do not remember installing this add-on from official websites and stores, you might have obtained it via free software bundles. Although, it’s highly unlikely. We feel it’s still necessary to warn you that there are plenty of browser add-ons that can get into your computer without your explicit permission. If you install freeware, you must check for added items. The way to do that is to access Advanced or Custom settings during freeware installation. Those settings will show you if there has been anything added, and if there is, you need to deselect it/them. Make sure you always do this so that you do not end up with some kind adware or browser hijacker.

DownloadMuze hijacker removal guide

STEP 1. Remove DownloadMuze virus from the browser

First of all, DownloadMuze is a browser hijackers, like many others. So, here is the simple way to remove them from the browser and get your homepage and search engine back. You just need to reset your browser settings. To do this automatically and for free, you can use the Reset Browser Settings tool from GridinSoft:

  1. Reset Browser Setting is a tool, included to the complex anti-malware program. So, first of all, you need to download and install GridinSoft Anti-Malware (here or from the product page):
  2. Open the Tools tab on the top menu. Choose the Reset Browser Settings tools from the list:
  3. Choose Reset Browser Settings tool
    GridinSoft Anti-Malware tools tab
  4. Select the browser, which is infected by DownloadMuze, and options, that you need to reset, and just do it! (Please, be aware, that this procedure will close all instances of the selected browsers, and save your work in them before clicking on the “Reset” button):
  5. Choose your browser and click Reset
    Reset Browser Settings options
  6. When this process is done, you’ll see such screen. It means, that your browser settings are default now and DownloadMuze has been removed from your browser:
  7. Your browser is clean!
    Reset Browser completed

Video guide on how to reset browser automatically:

BUT!! Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that DownloadMuze hasn’t installed some malicious software directly in your system. So, we strongly recommend every user, who has the same problem, to scan his computer after the browser resetting and make sure, that PC is clean and safe.

STEP 2. Remove DownloadMuze traces from the system

  1. Go back to the GridinSoft Anti-Malware main screen and choose the scan type:
  2. Choose "Full Scan"
    GridinSoft Anti-Malware Scan Types
  3. Scan your computer system:
  4. Please wait until the scan completed
    Anti-Malware Scan Process
  5. After the scan is completed, you will see if there is any adware on your PC. Remove the detected items by clicking on the “Apply” button:
  6. Move detected items to quarantine
    GridinSoft Anti-Malware Scan Results
  7. Finally, this window is a proof of your system’s absolutely cleanness. You removed DownloadMuze!
  8. GridinSoft Anti-Malware Removal Process
    Removal process completed. Your system is clean!

Video guide on how to remove DownloadMuze from the system:

STEP 3.How to prevent your PC from being reinfected with DownloadMuze in the future.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware offers excellent solution which may help to prevent your system from being contaminated with malware ahead of time. This feature is referred to as “On-Run Protection”. By default, it is disabled once you install the software. To enable it, please click on “Protect” button and press “Start” as demonstrated below:

The useful and interesting function may allow people to prevent install of malicious software. It means, when you will try to install some suspicious file, On-Run Protection will block this installation attempt ahead of time. NOTE! If users want to allow the dangerous program to be installed, they may choose “Ignore this file” button. In case, if you want to terminate malicious program, you must select “Confirm”.

On-Run Protection from malware
GridinSoft On-Run Protection
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