Remove Doctor Antivirus rogue

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Doctor Antivirus rogue security software is one of the latest system threats. It acts typically like all other fake anti-spyware programs. First, it comes into PC in a hidden manner, so you aren’t able to trace or terminate its concealed installation. Then it amends your system settings in a manner that would allow it to start automatically together with Windows. The rogue starts to scan your computer and then detects many fake infections. The next aim of it is to convince you to make the payment for the full version of this software. It promises that by obtaining its licensed version you would get rid of all threats that represent danger for your system security. The program says that it will protect your computer in times of virus aggression. It promises to become your personal security sentinel. The sad thing is that all such statements given by Doctor Antivirus scareware do not match its real abilities. In other worlds, the words spoken out by this program do not coincide with the actions. This is all because Doctor Antivirus is a fake anti-malware and not some legitimate security program.

Doctor Antivirus acts really aggressively, just as many other fake anti-viruses. It blocks your Internet access. It does not allows you to download, install, update and run the security software of your preference. If you have such anti-spyware programs already installed you may have problems launching them. Simply ignore all fake security notifications of Doctor Antivirus rogue (if they come up). You may delete this virus using the decent anti-malware program GridinSoft Trojan Killer. But first please follow this guide on termination of malicious process – Once you stop the process of Doctor Antivirus, scan your system with Trojan Killer to remove the infection off your PC.

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