Remove pop-ups from browsers

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This guide explains how to get rid of annoying pop-up ads from your browser infected with adware. These pop-ups don’t appear by themselves. It is evident that they’re closely related to one of many adware programs which currently crosses the world wide web, looking for as many PCs as possible. Keep in mind that those computers which are poorly protected with security software are the most vulnerable ones. pop-up ads pop-ups are powered by a special adware engine called Intext Nav-Links. This is a special progam which is bundled into other adwares like BetterSurf, Webexp Enhanced, etc. As a result, whenever you open your browser and visit commercial sites like,,, etc. – you will see special words that have double underlining. When moving your mouse towards them you will see these pop-ups from

Typically these pop-ups are very annoying and generally don’t bring any fair information. Instead, they’re related to the massive campaign devoted to stealing a lot of personal information from users through fake offers to win an iPad, where users are told about the condition to complete the survey to participate in this so-called contest. In fact, as we’ve said already, it is very dangerous to take part in any of such surveys, and in clicking ads in the first place.

Because of malware presence on your computer the PC functions very slow. And there’s nothing to be surprised about this – all adware programs consume a lot of system resources from your computer. We recommend you to perform a thorough system scan of your PC with the help of a reliable security software called GridinSoft Trojan Killer. This will help you get rid of virus completely. adware automatic remover:

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